Share Experiences

Meet, talk and share ideas.
Coffee and lunch will be provided.

Lightning Talks

5-minute presentations on a variety of topics by programmers and teachers.


Let’s code something fun together.
No experience required.

For Teachers.

No programming experience is required!

Share your experience and ideas.

  • Join us to find out what’s already going on in Metro Nashville schools.
  • Learn about online resources.
  • Get help starting a computer club.
  • Recruit a volunteer.
  • Discover what programming is like.

Call for talks — What’s happening at your school? What have you tried and what have you learned? Submit a 5-minute lightning talk.

For Programmers.

No teaching experience is required!

Connect with teachers and other programmers on a topic we all care about, but rarely talk about.

  • Share what you know.
  • Find out how you can help.
  • Collaborate on something fun.